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With all the photos I’ve been posting over the past few years, this blog has pretty much morphed from all-purpose into a photo blog. This is probably a good thing — experts say blogs should have more of a single focus, to better attract readers.

Since almost every post had the “photos” tag, I’ve eliminated it to clean things up a bit. You can still browse all photo posts by clicking the Photographs category on the Archive page.

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Oak tree at dusk

A few days ago I was out hiking late in the afternoon. Heading back to my car as the sun was going down, I passed this bare oak tree. When I looked up, I was struck by the silhouette of its crooked branches against the darkening sky.

bare oak tree in silhouette

Funny how a casual glance up on the way home, can turn into the best sight of the afternoon.

Carpet of leaves

Almost all of the leaves are down from the trees in my yard. That’s always kind of a depressing moment for me. With the leaves down, that means the hours of daylight are getting less and less everyday.

fallen leaves

While I do love autumn, and enjoy the experience of the four seasons here in Wisconsin, the ever encroaching “season of darkness” is my least favorite time of the year.

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