Images of autumns past

Birch trees with yellow leaves and oak trees with dark red leaves under a cloudy sky

Because of my bike accident and bum leg (which does seem to be healing up nicely), I haven’t been out there to check out the colors this year. I’ve been looking at some older autumn photos and processing them using some better post processing techniques I’ve learned over the past few years. This shot of yellow birch and red oak trees now has a much better contrast and color range.

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Wipe out

Yesterday I found out that I do not need surgery on my hip. Yay! I suppose I should back up and start at the beginning. Monday afternoon, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go biking on the Glacial Drumlin State Trail. I’d been out riding for almost two hours, and was heading back to the parking lot at the trail head. I was about 100 yards from the lot when I hit a patch of very loose gravel (on a turn). As I moved into the turn my bike skidded out from under me, and I landed very hard on my left hip.

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