Volleyball in the old barn

Yesterday, Dad and I went to the UW Volleyball match and watched the Badgers defeat Minnesota in an exciting contest. It was the first time I’ve seen Badger Volleyball in person. Those games are played in the UW Field House and it was great to be back in the old barn. Some of my favorite sports memories took place in the Field House — watching the men’s basketball games. When that place is packed, the band is playing, and the crowd is cheering along, you can feel the building vibrating along with the excitement.

I’ve said before that I think college athletics are the most exciting sporting events to watch, and last night’s close match was no exception. When Wisconsin lost the first game by a pretty good margin, I thought we would be in for a long evening. But they came back to win a second game, almost overcame a large deficit in the third, and kept that momentum going in the fourth game to force a fifth. The fifth game was the most exciting. Wisconsin built a 11-5 lead over the Gophers, but Minnesota wouldn’t give up and began a comeback. However, the Badgers’ lead was too much for them to overcome. Wisconsin won the game (and the match) by a score of 15-12.

As the Badgers’ playing intensified throughout the match, so did the crowd (which was fairly good sized). The old barn was rocking almost as much as I remember when I watched those close basketball games back in the day.

2 comments on “Volleyball in the old barn

  1. Your summary of the game last night was better than I read in the State Journal! The ending of the last game was really great – Wisconsin’s got a good volley ball team – and you’re right, the “Old Barn” was loud. Glad we had a chance to go.
    Now it’s just about time for football. Ah, the life of a sports fan never ends.

  2. I’m not even a sports fan and your account made me want to see a game in the Field House.
    Of course, sometime after we move back, I want to see a real football game at Camp Randall.

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