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No doubt about it, there is a lot of junk on television and cable tv costs continue to rise at an exponential rate. Sometimes I wonder why I’m throwing away all that cash every month, just for basic cable.

However, there are a few shows that do make it worthwhile. Currently, I try very hard not to miss The West Wing, The Daily Show, Battlestar Galactica, My Name is Earl, and during these winter months, I can’t forget Big Ten Basketball.

A few weeks ago a new show debuted, and after last night’s episode, I think I have a new favorite.

Love Monkey stars Tom Cavanagh as Tom Farrell, a single man in his 30’s, who works as an A&R representative at a small, independent record company. His character has a lot of heart, an affinity for “good” music and currently is in the middle of a long streak of finding musical talent.

The show (based on Kyle Smith’s book of the same name) is quirky, smartly written, and has a cast that can act. The interaction between Tom, his friends and coworkers is refreshingly realistic. You feel these people are real — not some characters throwing out smart-ass, one-liners on a sitcom.

The music featured on Love Monkey is pretty decent too. In the current storyline, Tom is working with a young artist, who is portrayed by an actual musician, Teddy Geiger. Teddy’s music is in the same vein as John Mayer and the songs he’s played on the show are actually pretty good. This show is obviously being produced by people who know what decent music is. From what I’ve read, future episodes will feature other up-and-coming artists.

Here’s hoping Love Monkey finds a good audience to keep it on the air. Quality shows like this can be few and far between.

2 comments on “Worthwhile television

  1. I love all of those shows except the West Wing — for all of my lefty political leanings, I was always irked by WW. And now I feel less silly about my guilty pleasure of My Name Is Earl. The cigarette as birthday cake candle had me totally LMAO. Gotta love the whitetrash humor.
    You forgot a really important one on your list, though.
    I’ve never heard of Love Monkey before, is it a mid-season replacement?

  2. I still haven’t quite decided if Lost should be on that list for me. I liked it a lot in the beginning, but some of the plot twists are starting to get a little silly. And My Name is Earl is the funniest thing on tv over the past few years. I laugh out loud watching that more than any other show.

    Yup, Love Monkey began as a mid-season replacement. This Tuesday was the second episode.

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