Comment spam update

For those of you interested in this stuff…

The raging river of comment spam has slowed to a trickle for me. I have started banning I.P. ranges of the largest offenders, which has helped a LOT. A majority of these are from Asian countries. Not surprising when it’s been reported that a great deal of spam (email and otherwise) comes from internet service providers in that area. Looking at my logs, it’s also interesting that a few are coming from scattered ISPs here in the States. No doubt these are zombie computers, infected with software that is sending out comment and email spams. Is your anti-virus software up-to-date?

Another change I’ve made since I first posted about this issue was to remove the comment policy plugin. Because that method relied on javascript, it wasn’t the most accessible solution. Anyone visiting the site with javascript turned off would not be able to post a comment, and when it comes to the web I feel pretty strongly about the whole accessibility thing.

I’ve had the Bad Behavior plugin installed for a week now. According to the statistics log, it has blocked 3239 access attempts in the past seven days. I highly recommend it for website owners facing the same problem.

Update: December 31, 2006

I thought I should mention that I am no longer banning by I.P. addresses. That was okay as a temporary measure, but it does have an aspect of throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. It prevents good users as well as bad ones from accessing the site.

What I have done instead is implement some .htaccess rules that (so far) have been very successful. I’m using a variation of rules I found on the WordPress site, combating comment spam. Those rules, the Bad Behavior plugin, and Akismet plugin have been a very good combination for fighting the problem.