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Red beans and rice

About once a week or so, I eat some version of beans and rice. Many years ago my friend Sharon gave me the following recipe and it’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s what I made for supper tonight. As I was eating, I thought this is such a good recipe, I should share it with the world.

This version of Red Beans and Rice has great flavor, it’s very filling, very heart-healthy (if you use olive oil to saut√©), and best of all it’s easy to make. Have this with a salad, and you’ve got a great meal.

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Lucky Dube, 1964-2007

Very sad news in the music world today. South African reggae musician Lucky Dube was shot dead in an attempted carjacking.

Lucky Dube’s music was just a joy to listen to. His beautiful tenor voice singing along with those reggae rhythms was something special. True to reggae traditions, his songs often had a strong social message, singing against things like apartheid, social injustice, violence and crime, and the epidemic of AIDS. The folks who run Lucky Dube’s website wrote “the death of Lucky Dube leaves a great void in the music industry, as 25 years of music suddenly ends in tragedy.”

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The Nikon D40

Many years ago, I had a film single lens reflex camera. SLRs are great for their flexibility, allowing you to change lenses, add filters, and manually adjust settings. For a while now, I’ve been wishing for some of that flexibility in a digital camera, and have been thinking about buying a digital SLR. Early last month, a local camera store was having a sale on the Nikon D40 — a deal I couldn’t pass up.


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