The Ultimate Bootleg Experience

I recently discovered an outstanding resource at T.U.B.E.: The Ultimate Bootleg Experience. Featuring both live and studio recordings (outtakes, rarities, etc.), T.U.B.E. is veritable goldmine. Some of the more interesting things I found there include:

  • Joe Strummer – Solos, Soundtracks, & Rarities
  • Van Morrison – Gypsy Soul (Studio Demos)
  • Peter Tosh – Equal Rights Demos 1977
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – 1969-08-26 – Los Angeles
    (the earliest completely recorded CSNY concert)
  • Talking Heads – CBS Demos (1975)
  • U2 – Pulled The Covers (1979-2006)

The one minor downside of T.U.B.E. is the slightly complicated downloading process. It usually is worth it however. The files are well documented, and often include cover art. The bootlegs I’ve downloaded have been of very good quality. Every time I check out T.U.B.E., I’m just amazed at the variety and sheer number of bootlegs posted on the site.