The Farmall H

Dad and I went to the Rock River Thresheree yesterday, to look at the antique farm equipment. The Farmall H is the tractor my grandfather (Theodore Bloy) bought around 1950 to use on the farm where my father grew up. Dad (Wilmer Bloy) stands beside an H from that era below.

Wilmer Bloy beside a Farmall H tractor

A restored Farmall H tractor

When you talk to the owners of these antique tractors, you can tell they take a lot of pride in their restored machines. Above is a pristine looking Farmall H of that same vintage, driven by its owner.

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  1. Great photo of the tractor – not so sure about myself. Glad cap pulled down over my eyes so can’t really see who it is. Right? It was a “Cool” day to be there – but most enjoyable because of all the Farmall H tractors.

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