Winter is Alive

A yeti sculpture, sitting on a snowbank, head down, looking forlorn, with trees and buildings in the background

“Sad Yeti” by Actual Size Artworks, one of the exhibits of Madison’s Winter is Alive carnival. The goal of the carnival is to “reawaken a positive vision of the future where we collaborate to reduce climate change and create inclusive community between people and nature.”

the back of a yeti sculpture, sitting on snowbank along the shore of a frozen, snow covered lake

A fish sculpture with chemical symbols painted on the side of it, sitting in the middle of a frozen, snow covered lake

“Fish with PFAS” by Eric Adjetey Anang highlights the manufactured chemicals that have been found in local waters and fish. PFAS can cause cancer, decreased immune functions, and other negative health effects.

A man crouching in front of a fish sculpture to take a photo, with buildings in the background

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