Scenes from a snowshoe hike

Snow drifts on a prairie with stalks from dead plants poking up.  In the background: a line of trees, a hillside, and a partly cloudy sky.

Broke out the snowshoes yesterday! Madison’s Cherokee Marsh.

A boot with a snowshoe attached steps down on a snow covered prairie.

Snow drifts rise and fall over a frozen pond. Snowshoe prints lead from the viewer off to the right. A line of bare trees and dead plants are in the background.

There was a good 20 inches of snow on the ground, so it was a good workout breaking trail in a few spots. Though the main trails were pretty packed down from previous hikers.

A packed trail winds up a prairie hillside. A line of trees is at the top of the hill under a partly cloudy sky.

Close up view of the cut end of a fallen tree.  Snow is covering the tree and has drifted over the cut end.

A bare stree stands next to a snow packed trail in the middle of a snow covered prairie.

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