Amnicon Falls

A large waterfall flows down a big area of granite rock. A line of pine trees is in the background, under a mostly blue sky.

A waterfall tour of Wisconsin’s northwest wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Amnicon Falls State Park.

A waterfall 'steps' down several levels in front of an automobile bridge that crosses the river.  Pine tree line either side of the river and falls.

A river with several shallow waterfalls flows from the image center to a steeper falls in the foreground.  Granite rock and pine trees line either side of the falls.

The falls that run through the entire park provide spectacularly scenic hiking opportunities.

Two small waterfalls flow over a rocky ledge in the middle of a forest of trees. The falls appear as stringy lines showing the flow of the water over a longer time.

A large waterfall flows over a wall of granite rock. The large amount of water flowing is blurred, showing its motion.

In the two photos above, I experimented a bit with longer exposures.

A large waterfall flows next to a rocky outcropping which is lined with pine trees.  A pedestrian bridge can be seen over the waterfall in the background.

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