About: The Website

I use this space to share my photography for the most part. Occasionally I’ll post other things I’m passionate about.

This site is also a web development playground for me — a place where I can experiment with new things.


Current design: The 400.  Retired designs are available on the Archive page.

About Me: Jonathan Bloy

Jonathan Bloy 2014

I am currently employed as a librarian, and Head of Digital Initiatives at Edgewood College Library in Madison, Wisconsin (USA). My professional experience can be found on my resume.

My family was living in the Wisconsin town of Chippewa Falls when I was born. I spent a good deal of my life, including the "growing up" years, in the Milwaukee area. I’ve been living in Madison since late 2004.

My interests include photography, music, camping, Native American history and culture, bicycling, snowshoeing and astronomy.


Because my family is a big part of who I am, and the fact that the Bloy name isn’t very common, I’ve included some genealogy here.

I can trace my ancestry on my father’s side back to my great grandfather (Frederick Bloy), who was born in Germany in 1837. Frederick immigrated to the United States in 1874 where he purchased a farm near the community of Forest Junction, Wisconsin (about 20 miles south of Green Bay). While living in Wisconsin, Frederick fathered nine children — five with my great grandmother (Anna Krug). Frederick and Anna were grandparents to my father (Wilmer), who grew up on a farm in Forest Junction.

While still living in Forest Junction my father met my mother (Allegra, a.k.a. Lee) who grew up in the nearby town of Appleton. Other family members of mine include:

  • Brother Steven
  • Steven’s wife Laura
    • Nephew Michael
    • Michael’s wife Kirstin
      • Great nephew Adam
    • Niece Sarah
  • Sister Barbra
  • Sister Christine (Davis)
  • Christine’s husband Glenn

The Bloy Name

I’ve received a few emails from people asking if I know anything about the origin of the Bloy name. To answer those questions, here’s what I know.

An uncle of mine did some research into the Bloy name quite a few years ago. Through his research he developed a theory that the name may have had a "De" in front and was spelled DeBlois. Ancestors of mine with that last name were Huguenots (protestants living in France, which at the time was mostly Catholic) who moved to what is now Germany and changed their name to avoid religious persecution.

According to my father, after all of the research my uncle has done, he is quite adamant about this theory. Personally I find it intriguing and a little romantic which is why I choose to believe it.