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Mosquitoes and rain

If I could sum up my camping vacation last week with two words it would be these.

Mosquito biting a hand I have never experienced mosquitoes as bad as I did last week in northern Wisconsin. The heavy winter snowfall, late melt, and abundant spring rains created perfect conditions for mosquitoes and biting flies. They were relentless. I even heard that 70-80% of loons in northern Wisconsin are abandoning their nests because of the heavy infestation of black flies. Thankfully I had two good things going for me: a tent with a screen room, and some interesting bug repellent my nephew’s wife gave me to try. Made with only natural essential oils, it did work pretty well. I actually came home with less bug bites than I have from past trips when the bugs weren’t so bad. However, because there were so many bugs around, it really didn’t do anything to prevent them from buzzing around your head, in your ears, and trying to bite where the repellent wasn’t applied (like the top of your head). Trying to cook was the worst, as mosquitoes are attracted to the heat and gasses from running the camp stove.

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Trees down

One afternoon while I was camping, major thunderstorms were being predicted. As I listened to the radio and heard reports of the storms moving across the state (which included tornado warnings for counties in the storm’s path), I decided I didn’t want to be at my campsite when the storm came through, and headed to town for supper. After supper I hung out in town for a few hours as torrential rains and very strong winds hit the area. Once the storm warnings were over I drove back to camp.

trees down along road

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