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The mighty Saturn V

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. That was the first major news event that I can remember experiencing as it happened. I was almost 8 years old. I vividly recall watching that grainy video of Neil Armstrong taking those first steps off the LEM. What wonderful fuel for a child’s imagination!

View from the base of a Saturn V rocket built with Legos, laying horizontally on a desk

To commemorate this anniversary, I built a Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V kit. 1969 pieces in 12 bags. I decided to build one bag a day, and document my progress. All the photos below were taken after each bag was complete.

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History on the Bearskin Trail

Trestle curving through a marshy pine forest

With its gorgeous views of northern Wisconsin, and easy biking, there is a lot to love about the Bearskin State Trail. What I love the most however, is the wonderful history that looms over the trail. It was built on a former Milwaukee Road rail bed (and 13 trestles). As you enter at the trail head in Minocqua and cross the trestle over Lake Minocqua, it’s easy to get thrown back in time.

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