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Join me in fighting for Net Neutrality

Please join me, contact the FCC and tell them to and abandon their plan to repeal current net neutrality rules, and keep strong net neutrality regulations in place.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an easy to use page for submitting comments to the FCC. The EFF also has many other posts about the issues around net neutrality. As they put it, “the right to access all Internet content freely without your Internet provider slowing down or even blocking content… is fundamental to our democracy.” Please help us keep that right.

Remembrance for election day

When I cast my ballot tomorrow, this is moment I’ll be thinking of.

protesters inside the Capitol

I’ll remember the tremendous pride and solidarity I felt with my fellow citizens in the Capitol rotunda that Saturday in February, 2011. We were outraged by the behavior of Governor Walker and his allies. We couldn’t believe what they were doing to our state. We listened to people tell their stories and talked about how we were going to fight back. That eventually we were going to make a difference, and our voices would be heard.

Tomorrow is that day. Yes, when I mark my ballot for my beloved Wisconsin, this is the scene I’ll be remembering.

One long year

It was a year ago today that I first joined the protests at the Capitol.

Protests at the Capitol

Since that time I’ve been truly saddened by what the state government has been doing to my beloved Wisconsin. The recent stories about secret emails regarding the redistricting process perfectly illustrate the blatant power grabs by politicians who don’t listen to the constituents they represent, and the urgent need to remove them from office.

The fact that over a million signatures were collected to recall Governor Scott Walker in just a short two months has given me tremendous hope however. Hang in there Wisconsin.