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Pine cone spider

I saw one of the weirdest creatures while hiking last week. At first I thought I saw a small pine cone moving along the forest floor. A closer look revealed this spider, about a 2/3 of an inch in size.

spider that looks like a pine cone

The combination of that pine-cone-like abdomen, the eight legs sticking out, and those freaky multiple eyes… I’m surprised I haven’t had spider nightmares.

Update: I think this is probably a a female wolf spider with spiderlings on her back (see comments below). I still like the “pine cone spider” name I gave it though.

Tandem webs

If the sun hadn’t been shining in just the right spot when I hiked past these two spider webs, I never would have noticed them.

two spider webs

Taken at Porcupine Mountain State Park, in Upper Michigan.