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A little awe is good for the soul

Autumn scene on the Starkrweather Creek

As I walked through Olbrich Gardens this morning, a man was stopped in the middle of the path, staring intently at a mature tree. His back toward me, unaware of my presence, I excused myself to get by. He apologized for being in the way, saying he was just in awe of the beautiful old tree. I agreed as I walked past, saying something about many awe inspiring sights to see today. As I continued to walk over the creek bridge, I thought, any day that gives you feelings of awe, is a good day.

Crossing the bay

railroad tracks cross a frozen bay

Former Milwaukee Road tracks cross a frozen Monona Bay in Madison.

There something about railroad tracks heading off into the distance that make me want to hop on a train and see where they lead. Pity there aren’t any passenger trains around here.

Longing for some solstice sun

In Madison, we’ve had close to three weeks of sunless sky. Add in the long hours of darkness, and my psyche is really hungry for some sunshine. As a remedy, I decided to post evidence of the star our planet circles, from an earlier and brighter day.

Sun shining with clouds in the sky

Thankfully, at least the amount of daylight starts to increase tomorrow. Happy solstice everyone.