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Nursing deer

A photograph I did not take… of a mother deer nursing two fawns.

I was bicycling on the Heart of Vilas County Trail and going at a good clip through a section of forest, when I first noticed a woman jogging on the trail a ways ahead of me. As I got closer, I looked in her direction again, and wondered why she had stopped. Then I saw them. Standing on the side of the trail about 10 yards away, were two fawns and their mother. As I hit the brakes hard they squeaked a bit, spooking the three to cross the trail and move off. They only walked about 10 yards further away from us when the mother deer stopped to check on the humans watching. As she stopped, one of the fawns decided it was time for a drink and started to nurse. The other joined in. They drank for a minute or two, and then moved deeper into the woods, out of sight. The woman and I chatted a bit about the wonderful scene we just witnessed. “That is why we vacation in Wisconsin” she said. Absolutely.


Today I’m starting a new “unphotographable” category. These posts will document photos that were not taken, of scenes I witnessed that deserve to be remembered. Moments when I didn’t or couldn’t click the shutter. Moments that should not be forgotten, even though there is no photograph.

Inspired by Michael David Murphy’s blog, Unphotographable.