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Welcome aboard The 400

postcard of Chicago & North Western's 400 Streamliners

It’s time to give this website a new look.

This design is based on the paint scheme of the diesel engines and cars of the Chicago & North Western Railway’s 400 passenger service. I’ve always loved that paint scheme, and decided to incorporate it here on my site.

On the coding side, I developed the design based on the WordPress theme, Twenty Thirteen. It is fully responsive and will display well on ANY device.

For more information on the Chicago & North Western Railway, and it’s 400 service, I recommend:

Now… who can help me travel back in time so I can ride these wonderful trains?

Introducing… Color Bar

This website has had basically the same design since I bought the domain name (way back in 2000). It is definitely time for a fresh look. I’ve named the new design “Color Bar” and I plan on changing the photograph in the heading occasionally (and perhaps some of the site colors too).

With the new design, the list of my current musical recommendations has been moved from its own page to the home page. Any web geeks out there may be interested to know that the entire site is now managed through WordPress (not just the blog entries). Those static html pages are so twentieth century…

So the previous design isn’t lost to the ages, I have archived a sample of it on a separate page. If you get nostalgic for the old Shield Swoop Design, feel free to go there and reminisce.

Update: May 2015
This design has been retired. You can see an archive of the Color Bar design here.

Comment spam update

For those of you interested in this stuff…

The raging river of comment spam has slowed to a trickle for me. I have started banning I.P. ranges of the largest offenders, which has helped a LOT. A majority of these are from Asian countries. Not surprising when it’s been reported that a great deal of spam (email and otherwise) comes from internet service providers in that area. Looking at my logs, it’s also interesting that a few are coming from scattered ISPs here in the States. No doubt these are zombie computers, infected with software that is sending out comment and email spams. Is your anti-virus software up-to-date?

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Fighting comment spam

Starting about a week ago, I’ve been getting over 1000 spam comments on this web site per day. Yes, that is not a typo, I said over one-thousand. The spambots are certainly busy during the holidays, aren’t they?

While the vast majority of these comments have been caught by the anti-spam plugin that comes with WordPress, I’d like to stop them before they are submitted. So, I’m trying a couple of other plugins: Bad Behavior and Comment Policy. The first one blocks spambots by analyzing their requests and comparing them to known offenders, and the second forces you to agree to this site’s comment policy before your comment can be posted (which because of the way it is set up, spambots should not be smart enough to check the box properly).

As always, let me know if you have any problems.