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2004 music awards

The end of the year means it’s time for me to list my favorite CDs from the past twelve months.

Air – Talkie Walkie
See my post from February 20.

The Dandy Warhols – Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
Better late than never. This album was released four years ago and I don’t know where I was then, but I’m sure glad I found it this year. It’s easy to hear the band’s Brit-pop influences, but their sound is unique and edgy, painting musical pictures you want to hear over and over. My favorite musical discovery of the year.

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Well, I made it. All of my worldly possessions are now in the same city that I have been living in. Most of them are still in boxes, but at least they are here.

It’s always interesting moving into a “new” place. In all the apartments/homes I’ve lived in, I’ve usually found a few little quirks or oddities about the former residents. For example, I’ve been in living in my condo in Madison for four days now and I do believe the former owner had some kind of irrational fear of screwing in light bulbs.

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Moving on

I’m sorry it’s been two weeks since the last post. As you can imagine, I’ve been very busy lately. Today I finished my first full week working as the Web Services Librarian at Edgewood College. After five days, I think I’ve had enough experience to say that I’m going to enjoy working there.

In other news (if everything goes as planned) I should be permanently living in Madison by the end of next week. Speaking of which, I was browsing through some moving and packing websites the other day and found out how to pack hippos (from the US Postal Service, no less). Does anyone have a 1000 gallon tank I can borrow?

Soon to be Web Services Librarian

I got the job! Oh wait a minute… I should probably back up for those of you who don’t know the whole story.

Last week I had interviewed for the position of Web Services Librarian at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin. After the interview I felt pretty good about the whole thing and was very excited about the possibilities of working there. The position’s responsibilities are an interesting combination of website development and librarian duties.

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The Library of Congress

Looking back, the thing I enjoyed the most during my trip to Washington D.C. (other than hanging out with my father) was the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. And my being a librarian didn’t have anything to do with that. While we were waiting for the library to open, I was thinking we probably wouldn’t be there longer than an hour. We ended up staying for most of the morning and into the lunch hour!

Interior of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building

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