Monthly Archives: August 2004

No, I do not clean the library bathrooms

While at work this afternoon, I walked into the bathroom to use the facilities. I was dressed for work as I usually am, in a shirt and tie, with my name tag that says “Librarian.”

There was a library patron in there washing his hands (one of our regular internet users). He notices me come in and asks “So, do you clean the bathrooms here too? It’s always so nice and clean.”

For a few seconds, sarcastic (and perhaps smart-ass) answers flooded into my brain. I am glad to report however, that I summoned a great deal of self-restraint and gave him a polite answer. Since the question deserves a proper response, I thought I would do so here.

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North woods camping

Last week I went to my favorite place to camp in Wisconsin, the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest. For me, there is nothing like getting away from it all and camping in the north woods. There you’ve got fresh air, beautiful scenery and wildlife (like bald eagles and loons). Below is my favorite picture from this camping trip. It was taken at a lagoon along one of the best nature trails in the forest, the Star Lake Nature trail. This spot is one of my favorite scenic places in the State of Wisconsin. Can’t you just smell the fresh, pine scented air?

Lagoon on the Star Lake Nature Trail

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