Monthly Archives: April 2005

Tidbits from a librarians conference

The following are a few things I learned today, while at the conference of the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians at the Monona Terrace convention center.

Current tuition for students of the University of Wisconsin School of Library and Information Studies is $14,688 for the academic year. Back when I was a graduate student in library school (1986-1988), I believe tuition for the year was about $2,400. And you thought gas prices have been increasing too fast.

Odd Wisconsin is one of the more popular sections on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s web site. Which by the way has some wonderful resources in addition to Odd Wisconsin.

On their migration north, common loons stop in Lake Monona. During a break at the conference, while looking out one of the windows facing the lake, I spotted a loon fishing for a meal.

When I’m watching a loon in the middle of April, I get eager for summer camping in northern Wisconsin.

Procrastination nation

In past years I couldn’t believe how many people waited until the last minute to do their taxes. Invariably, every year on the evening news of April 15th (tax deadline here in the U.S.), the big story would be the lines of people at the post office, mailing their tax returns at the last minute. When I worked at the public library I was amazed by the number of people we would get the last few days before tax day, frantically searching for the tax forms they needed.

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