Monthly Archives: February 2006

New Pornographers worth the wait

This past October, The New Pornographers were scheduled to perform here in Madison. But an emergency appendectomy for band’s bassist postponed the show until last night. When they walked onto the stage at the Barrymore Theatre and began playing, I knew waiting those four months was worth it. The band started off the show sounding energetic and tight with the opening songs “The Jessica Numbers” and “Use It.”

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Moving in 2007?

I am now officially a member of Arboretum Cohousing. After investigating the project and attending a few meetings, I decided it would be worth my while to invest $500 into a possible change of living locations. And for me location is the key word.

The beauty of the surrounding landscape and recreational potential is huge. I would live one just or two blocks away from Lake Wingra, the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, the Henry Vilas Zoo, and the excellent network of recreational trails that go through Madison. That’s a lot of potential bicycling, hiking and kayaking, very close to home.

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A new name

After reading a couple of other bloggers who are contemplating changing the domain names of their websites, I got to thinking… If I ever changed the name of this site, what would I change it to?

A few interesting domain names popped into my head (which I just may register at some point). I also got to thinking about website names in general. The web design blogosphere has some great names, my current favorite being Photo Matt. There are many others.

I hit upon a new name for this site and decided to make the change. The domain name will stay the same — is just too simple to stop using. However, in case I ever decide to change it, I did register (which now redirects you back to this site).

I hope you like the new moniker.

Signs of aging

Today while visiting the eye doctor for a checkup, I got one of the proverbial signs of aging. I need bifocals.

It wasn’t exactly a big surprise to me. Over the past six months or so, I’ve been looking underneath my glasses to read small print. When the eye doctor first entered the exam room, she asked me if I had any problems or concerns. I told her that I wasn’t having any problems, but that she was probably going to tell me that I should get bifocals. She then asked, “Are you okay with that?”

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