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Best music I heard in 2009

There are those that claim music made today isn’t as good as music made years ago. Reflecting on the past few years, I’ve collected quite a bit of evidence to the contrary. There is a lot of good music being made out there, you just have to know where to look. Here are my faves from 2009.

PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
This was my favorite release of the year. With their guitar/synthesizer sound, Phoenix’s music definitely has its roots in the 1980s (which is probably why I like it so). At the same time, it has a very fresh and modern sound.

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Christmastime is here

One of my favorite Christmas songs. I love the melancholy mood of it. Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas time is here.
Happiness and cheer.
Fun for all that children call,
Their favorite time of the year.

Snowflakes in the air.
Carols everywhere.
Olden times and ancient rhymes,
Of love and dreams to share.

Sleigh bells in the air.
Beauty everywhere.
Yuletide by the fireside,
And joyful memories there.

Christmas time is here.
We’ll be drawing near.
Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year…