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Season of darkness begins

sunset with trees in silhouette

While I do love the change of seasons in Wisconsin, the loss of daylight this time of the year is aspect of the change I dislike the most. I can take the cold, I actually like the snow, but the extended hours of darkness are the worst. The sun goes down about 4:30pm these days — too early for me.

Beauty in the gray

I like to call this time of the year the season of darkness. The hours of daylight are getting shorter and shorter. Everything is gray and brown, and there isn’t any snow on the ground to brighten things up. It’s all a bit depressing. But maybe I need to look at it in a different way. Take away the color, even from a gorgeous sunset, and there is beauty to be seen in the gray.

tree silhouettes at sunset

I should play around with black and white photography more.