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First digital pictures

I have finally entered the digital photography age and bought a digital camera — a Sony DSC-P73. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days, but today was the first time I hooked it up to my computer. I must say, it is the coolest thing I’ve experienced since burning my own CDs. About an hour ago I went hiking around the nature center near my house and took the camera along for its first “in-the-field” tests. I just got home 15 minutes ago and here I am uploading pictures for my blog.

Mallard Lake, Wehr Nature Center

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Classical ring tones

When I was at the grocery store today I heard someone’s cell phone ringing using Bach’s Fugue in D minor as the ring tone. I got to thinking about all the cell phones out there that use compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. I wonder what those composers would think if they could hear the music they created being played with those tinny, annoying, electronic tones. I can just hear them now… “Who’s cell phone is that?? I can’t stand that song now! Turn it off!”

Or in Beethoven’s case: “What? There using Fur Elise on that thing? Thank goodness I’m deaf.”

E-mail down

I’ve been using e-mail on a regular basis since about 1993. I realized today what an essential part of my life it is. Because of a credit card mix-up, the regular payment to my hosting company for this domain got canceled. Admittedly, the mix-up was my fault (I neglected to update them on the new expiration date of my card). Anyway… because of that, my domain was essentially shut off all day today. It was then I found out how frustrating it is to not have access to my e-mail. It’s amazing how we can take technology for granted.

As you can see, my domain is back in business. However, I know e-mails I should have received have been lost in the cyberspace abyss. If any of you reading this sent me an e-mail today, you might want to send it again to make sure I got it.