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Living below zero

Madison is in the middle of at least a two day stretch of below zero temperatures. Last night the low was -18 (fahrenheit), and the high today was -11. One of the things I find amazing during brutally cold stretches like this, is the ability of small creatures to survive.

American Tree Sparrow

It’s incredible to me that a small bird, like this American Tree Sparrow, manages to stay warm enough to get through these bitter cold days and nights. Another one of nature’s miracles.

Season of darkness begins

sunset with trees in silhouette

While I do love the change of seasons in Wisconsin, the loss of daylight this time of the year is aspect of the change I dislike the most. I can take the cold, I actually like the snow, but the extended hours of darkness are the worst. The sun goes down about 4:30pm these days — too early for me.

Beauty from the blizzard

Fresh snow in the front yard

So far, about 12 inches of snow has fallen at my house during today’s blizzard (and it’s still coming down). All the disruptions that occur during a major winter storm can be a real pain (and sometimes dangerous). I must admit, I complain about having to shovel heavy, wet snow. But it really does make things look beautiful. This was the scene as I walked out of my side door this afternoon.

I wish we could have the beauty without all of the aching backs and other nasty things.

A cool place to sit

The warmest heatwave of the summer so far has just begun. Rather than get all sweaty by shooting some pictures outside, I decided to keep cool by staying in and looking though some winter photos. Wouldn’t a seat on this bench feel good right now?

snow covered bench