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A little autumn color for a dreary weekend

It’s been pretty dark and dreary in Madison for a while now. The lack of sunshine, and the fact that I haven’t spent much time out in nature lately has a definite affect on my psyche. As a small antidote, I was looking at some early autumn pictures I took recently, when clouds weren’t dominating the sky.

Backlit maple leaves in various stages of changing colors

The lesson that I need to get outside on a regular basis, no matter the weather, is not new. It’s funny though, how often I need to remind myself of it.

A little awe is good for the soul

Autumn scene on the Starkrweather Creek

As I walked through Olbrich Gardens this morning, a man was stopped in the middle of the path, staring intently at a mature tree. His back toward me, unaware of my presence, I excused myself to get by. He apologized for being in the way, saying he was just in awe of the beautiful old tree. I agreed as I walked past, saying something about many awe inspiring sights to see today. As I continued to walk over the creek bridge, I thought, any day that gives you feelings of awe, is a good day.