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No, I do not clean the library bathrooms

While at work this afternoon, I walked into the bathroom to use the facilities. I was dressed for work as I usually am, in a shirt and tie, with my name tag that says “Librarian.”

There was a library patron in there washing his hands (one of our regular internet users). He notices me come in and asks “So, do you clean the bathrooms here too? It’s always so nice and clean.”

For a few seconds, sarcastic (and perhaps smart-ass) answers flooded into my brain. I am glad to report however, that I summoned a great deal of self-restraint and gave him a polite answer. Since the question deserves a proper response, I thought I would do so here.

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A day at the reference desk

This post is inspired by the weblog, Ref Grunt. I couldn’t agree more with the librarian from that site when he writes: “Some days I love working the reference desk, some days I hate it and it’s often the same day.”

In the Morning

“My computer froze.” I’ll reboot it for you sir.
Information on the Coral Castle in Florida.
“How do I download to a floppy disk?”
“A window popped up that said I won a prize.” I think that’s an ad. If I were you I would not give them your email address.

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The giggles

There was a cute little girl (about two years old) at the library today who had a delightful case of the giggles. I think one of my favorite sounds in this world is that of a child’s laughter. It’s such a pure, innocent and joyful sound that we adults have long lost. Even if you’re having a bad day, hearing such a sound can do wonders for lifting your spirits. I was glad I was around to hear that little girl’s giggles today.


Tomorrow I will have worked at the Oak Creek Public Library for fourteen years. When I first started at Oak Creek I figured I would probably be there for five, maybe seven years. Fourteen years have past and I wonder where the time went. As Groucho Marx once said, “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”

In other news, today the planet Mars is the closest it’s been to the Earth in 60,000 years. Head outside tonight and take a look.

Closing time dream

I had the “closing time dream” again last night.

I’m at work (in the library) and it’s closing time. So we lock all the doors, but somehow people are still able to come in. They keep walking through the locked doors in droves. We tell them that the library is closed and they have to leave but they don’t. Of course since all the library patrons keep coming in, that means I am unable to go home (and getting a bit irritated about the whole situation).

Around 14 years ago I had earned my masters degree and was searching for a job in the library field for several months. I was working in a retail store at the time and every so often I would have a dream similar to the one above. It was closing time. They doors of the store were locked. I wanted to leave, but customers kept coming in.

About a year ago I started having the same dream every couple of months or so. The only difference is, it takes place in the library. When I thought about the dream today an important question that I had not considered before, popped into my head. Why don’t I just leave?

The reason for coming to work

Working with the public as I do at the library can be a little stressful at times. There are days when it’s hard not to let the people who are rude and impatient get to you. The other day I was experiencing a pretty hectic afternoon when a college student who was trying to find some articles on an obscure topic asked me for help. After spending a few minutes asking about her topic and refining her search, I was able to locate some relevant articles. Later, after she browsed through the articles and printed a few, she stopped by the desk and said “Thank you so much! Those were exactly what I was looking for. You know, I was at my college library and the librarian there couldn’t find anything at all. Thanks again!”

As she walked away I thought about the stressful afternoon I was having and decided that she was the reason I came to work that day.

Baskin Robbins gone

Today I discovered the local Baskin Robbins ice cream shop (where I had my very first job, way back when I was 16) is no longer there. It made me a little sad to find out a place that I spent a few years at, no longer exists. It also made me wonder a little about my own mortality and what will be left on this planet to show I was here. I suppose I should go out and plant some trees or something. Until then, I guess there’s always the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.