Monthly Archives: October 2001

Northern Lights

Last night I was outside around midnight, and saw the Aurora Borealis. Words cannot describe what an amazing sight that is. It was the second time in my life I’ve seen the Northern Lights. Although they didn’t fill up as much of the sky as the first time I saw them, last night’s aurora did have more brilliant color (streaks of deep red) than my first aurora experience. To learn more about auroras and when you might see them, visit


I recently discovered bookmarklets. What are they? Small sections of JavaScript that you can use as a bookmark (or favorite). There are all kinds of bookmarklets around and if you know how to code JavaScript you can even create your own. What are some of the things they can do? Help you search faster, calculate or convert figures, view web pages differently (like change the font or background color)… the possibilities are endless.

I have a bookmarklet parked on my personal toolbar to search Google, which I use all the time. You can find a copy of it (tailored for your browser) here. The Bookmarklets Home Page also has quite a few more to get you started.

Three Jonathans

This weekend I got an e-mail from a Jonathan Bloy who lives in England. He was searching for the Bloy name and found this site. Last year I got an e-mail from another Jonathan Bloy who lives in New Zealand. That makes three so far. I wonder how many more of us are. Hmmm… sounds like a bad horror movie…

Run for your lives! Jonathan Bloys are taking over the planet!

Sign Talker

It’s great to have something to get your mind off the events of the day. Right now my diversion of choice is the book Sign-Talker by James Alexander Thom. It’s a fictional account of George Drouillard, a Native American / French-Canadian man, and his adventures while he was the guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition. Definitely a recommended read for fans of historical fiction.

Look Mom

Look Mom, I’ve got a weblog!

A few days ago I started playing around with Greymatter. So far I’m impressed. It allows you to have online journal software right on your own server, which means you have complete control over how it works. Much better than signing up for one of those blog services (in my humble opinion). Oh, and the best part is, Greymatter is free!

Watch this space for more journal entries.