Monthly Archives: November 2001

RIP George Harrison

Sad news in the music world today. George Harrison passed away. I think the first record I ever bought was the 45 of “My Sweet Lord” way back when I was in fourth or fifth grade. I’m truly sorry I never got a chance to see him perform live. If I would have to pick a favorite George Harrison song, it would be “Here Comes The Sun” from the Beatles’ Abbey Road. As far as albums go, you can’t go wrong with his masterpiece, All Things Must Pass. I plan on listening to that this weekend. Rest in peace, George. We’ll miss you.

Mike and Kirstin’s Wedding

Yesterday my nephew got married. It was great to visit with my family (some of which I haven’t seen for quite a while). We also had a lot of fun with the disposable cameras at the reception. Let’s just say our table decided to take some photos of the wedding guests from a different perspective. [Insert mischievous grin here] As soon as I get my own pictures developed, I’ll be sure and post a few of the better ones here on my site. Congratulations Mike and Kirstin!

E-mail down

I’ve been using e-mail on a regular basis since about 1993. I realized today what an essential part of my life it is. Because of a credit card mix-up, the regular payment to my hosting company for this domain got canceled. Admittedly, the mix-up was my fault (I neglected to update them on the new expiration date of my card). Anyway… because of that, my domain was essentially shut off all day today. It was then I found out how frustrating it is to not have access to my e-mail. It’s amazing how we can take technology for granted.

As you can see, my domain is back in business. However, I know e-mails I should have received have been lost in the cyberspace abyss. If any of you reading this sent me an e-mail today, you might want to send it again to make sure I got it.

O Brother

This weekend I saw the movie O Brother, Where Are Thou? for the first time. It’s a comedy set in the depression era south. The story is based on Homer’s Odyssey (yes, there is even a cyclops and sirens). It was a real hoot. George Clooney did a great job as Ulysses Everett McGill (the lead character). My favorite thing about the film is the soundtrack, filled with old-time country gems. Rent this one if you haven’t seen it yet. Then go get the CD.

Northern Lights 2

It must be Aurora season. Last night for the second time in nine days, I saw the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, this time I was closer to the Milwaukee metro area, so the display was subdued quite a bit by city lights, but there were definite streaks of red and green visible from my house. In case you missed it, the site has some spectacular pictures of last night’s display in their Aurora Gallery.