Monthly Archives: January 2002

Schiltz Audubon Hiking

I know I’ve been complaining about the lack of winter weather here in Wisconsin, but I must admit today was a gorgeous day. We had mostly sunny skies and a high temperature of 55 degrees (that’s 27 degrees above normal)! In the afternoon I decided to spend some time out in nature and went hiking at a local nature preserve. Apparently I wasn’t the only one itching to get outside because there were quite a few other people with the same idea. Luckily the Schlitz Audubon Center is a pretty big place with lots of hiking trails. It was a little muddy, but great to be out hiking through the woods and along the shore of Lake Michigan. Now if I could only go back there with my snowshoes…

Glorious Noise

Rock and roll can change your life. Thanks to the band Wilco (and a link on their site) I recently discovered Glorious Noise. A site that “contains some essays, stories and rants about how rock and roll can change your life.”

They also keep good current links to commentaries, news and other stuff on the net. Well worth a spot in your rock and roll bookmarks.

Snow Update: I guess it helps to whine a little. After my previous post about a lack of winter here in Wisconsin, yesterday we got 3 inches of snow. Not enough to snowshoe in, but it’s a start. Keep it up, Old Man Winter.

Where’s the snow?

So here I am living in Wisconsin in the middle of January and we’re having spring weather. Sure, it’s nice to have the sun shining and the warmer temperatures, but I want to see some snow! One of the things I like about living in the Upper Midwest is the change of seasons. I look forward to spring, summer, fall and yes even winter. So far this winter we’ve had about two inches of snow (annual snowfall where I live averages 50 inches). I want to get out there on my snowshoes and do some hiking. Right now the only way that’s going to happen is if I go to Canada — or maybe even the Arctic!

This situation makes me more convinced that our dependence on fossil fuels is indeed causing global warming. The warmer weather and lack of snow is also likely to cause the Upper Midwest to experience drought this summer. Water levels on the Great Lakes are already low.

Bifocals? Google Zeitgeist

In addition to time teaching all things (see my New Year’s entry) I guess time takes its toll on us as well. Today I went to the optician because I was having problems with my new eyeglasses. He told me that one of the problems I was having is an indication that someday I’ll need to get bifocals. Yikes! Proof that yes, the calendar is correct, I am getting older.

I also discovered a cool link today, Google Zeitgeist. It’s a look at the most popular search terms used on Google in 2001. Be sure and check out the timeline for a snapshot of searches people made throughout the year.