Daily Archives: January 11, 2002

Where’s the snow?

So here I am living in Wisconsin in the middle of January and we’re having spring weather. Sure, it’s nice to have the sun shining and the warmer temperatures, but I want to see some snow! One of the things I like about living in the Upper Midwest is the change of seasons. I look forward to spring, summer, fall and yes even winter. So far this winter we’ve had about two inches of snow (annual snowfall where I live averages 50 inches). I want to get out there on my snowshoes and do some hiking. Right now the only way that’s going to happen is if I go to Canada — or maybe even the Arctic!

This situation makes me more convinced that our dependence on fossil fuels is indeed causing global warming. The warmer weather and lack of snow is also likely to cause the Upper Midwest to experience drought this summer. Water levels on the Great Lakes are already low.