Monthly Archives: March 2002

The Robins of Spring

Spring is officially here. Today (about a week after the Spring Equinox) I finally got to experience a full day of sunshine and warm temperatures in the mid 40’s. I know what you’re thinking, but after a week or so of 20 degree, windy weather in Wisconsin, 45 really IS warm. The best sign of Spring I saw today happened when I decided to take the long way home from work and go through the park. As I was driving along I saw this big flock of robins. There must’ve been at least 30 of them. All I could think when I saw this whole flock of robins just hanging out together in the park was, what a great thing to do on such a nice day.


I’ve always been fascinated by my dreams and what my unconscious mind comes up with while I’m sleeping. Sometimes I have dreams that are so interesting it’s like watching a really good movie. Then of course, I’m disappointed when the show’s over and I wake up. Last night I had this dream about someone I used to work with, but haven’t seen, spoken to, or even thought of in at least 10 years. Where did that come from? We were in some kind of scavenger hunt and not being very successful. I’ll leave it to you to interpret what that means

Several years ago I used to keep a dream diary. Maybe it’s time to start that again. Pleasant dreams!

Baskin Robbins gone

Today I discovered the local Baskin Robbins ice cream shop (where I had my very first job, way back when I was 16) is no longer there. It made me a little sad to find out a place that I spent a few years at, no longer exists. It also made me wonder a little about my own mortality and what will be left on this planet to show I was here. I suppose I should go out and plant some trees or something. Until then, I guess there’s always the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.