Monthly Archives: April 2002

Wonders of the Universe

The wonders of the universe we live in never cease to amaze me. Today NASA released spectacular pictures taken from a new camera recently installed on the Hubble Space Telescope. Looking at those breathtaking images brings several questions to my mind. Will humans ever see beautiful scenes like this in person? If so, how long until we do? Are there beings out there pointing their telescopes toward our galaxy and pondering these same thoughts?

Spring ritual

I’ve discovered that as I get older I have some seasonal rituals which I always do. Okay, the word ritual might be a little strong, maybe I should call them traditions. Anyway, today I performed one of my Spring rituals. Usually on one of the first warmer, sunny days of spring, I head out the door for a long vigorous walk with my walkman attached to my belt and the headphones in my ears. The album I always end up listening to on this first walk of Spring is African Shadow Man by Johnny Clegg and Savuuka. It’s a definitely an album to listen to in the springtime with its blending of African and Western pop music styles. In my mind, it’s not Spring until I listen to that as I breathe in the fresh air and walk along the parkway with the sun on my back.

Now with XHTML

It may not look much different, but this site has now been re-tooled with XHTML. In addition to the changes under the hood, I also took one of the better dynamic javascript menus on the net and modified it for use on this site (look for it in the upper right hand corner of most of the interior pages). Many thanks to Peter-Paul Koch for his excellent web site QwirksMode and his outstanding DHTML menu which he makes available.

And if you’re not interested in web design stuff, take a look at my about me page. There you’ll find some interesting info on the origin of the Bloy name which I posted recently.