Monthly Archives: June 2002

Oak Leaf Trail

Sometimes I feel lucky to live where I do. Tonight after supper I took myself outside and hopped on my bicycle. Just a short three blocks away and I’m riding along a parkway, more specifically on the Oak Leaf Trail here in Milwaukee County. Just a few miles later and I’m pedaling along the part of the Oak Leaf Trail that goes through Grant Park — one of my favorite bike trails to ride on. On this section of the trail you ride through numerous combinations of woods (including a few with a delicious pine scent), open grassland and along bluffs with beautiful views of Lake Michigan. While cruising along tonight I was fortunate to see a beautiful sunset in the west and a blue heron sitting with his head high in the middle of a pond. And to think I was considering not going out for a ride tonight because it was too warm and muggy…

Al Gore searched

From today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Al Gore searched twice during Wisconsin trip. First when he left the airport in Washington and the second time when he flew from Milwaukee to New York. What a perfect illustration of the lack of common sense these newer measures are from the office of homeland security. I’m sure that the former vice president was considering an act of terror on the plane, yet the possibility of a random screening dissuaded him from carrying out his plan.

Oh look, an elderly woman is getting on the plane. Make sure she doesn’t board with that crochet needle!