Monthly Archives: May 2002

Miller Park / MLB

Last night I saw a baseball game at Miller Park for the first time. I must admit I was impressed. The retractable roof was very welcome on a cold, damp evening in Milwaukee. The Brewers even played a good game, beating the San Diego Padres 2-0. Too bad they lost today though. One of these days Major League Baseball has got to adopt some type of revenue sharing, like professional football and basketball do. It’s the only way small market teams (like the Brewers) will be able to compete. I admit I’m not the worlds biggest baseball fan, but I might be if there would be some hope of different teams playing in the World Series, instead of the same ones that keep buying championships year after year.

Neil Finn: One All

Yesterday I bought a new CD by one of the best singer / songwriters around, Neil Finn. He writes intelligent lyrics, beautiful pop melodies and he can also rock out a bit. The new CD, One All is his second solo album. Listening to music has always done a lot for my psyche and my sanity. Since Neil’s early days with Split Enz and later with Crowded House, his music has always been a big part of my “sanity maintenance collection.” It’s amazing to me that an artist of his caliper doesn’t seem to get the recognition he deserves, a least here in the United States. Hopefully he does better in his native country of New Zealand.

Classical ring tones

When I was at the grocery store today I heard someone’s cell phone ringing using Bach’s Fugue in D minor as the ring tone. I got to thinking about all the cell phones out there that use compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. I wonder what those composers would think if they could hear the music they created being played with those tinny, annoying, electronic tones. I can just hear them now… “Who’s cell phone is that?? I can’t stand that song now! Turn it off!”

Or in Beethoven’s case: “What? There using Fur Elise on that thing? Thank goodness I’m deaf.”