Monthly Archives: October 2002

Memories can’t wait

So there I was going through some stuff as I was packing yesterday and I came across my high school yearbooks. I couldn’t resist opening the first one and browsing through it. It’ll just take a few minutes, I said to myself. After I had finished looking through all three an hour had passed and a rush of memories were flooding my brain. Sometimes I wish I could go back to high school with the knowledge of life that I now have. I also wish I could go back and visit those good friends I had that I lost touch with so long ago. Here’s to my classmates. I hope you’re doing well.

Eight year old junk

Just two more weeks until I’m thirty years in debt. My apartment is beginning to resemble a warehouse with all the boxes I’ve got laying about. You don’t realize how much junk you’ve got until you start handling everything you own piece by piece. While going through a closet this weekend I discovered a bunch of junk that I haven’t touched since I put it in the closet eight years ago when I moved in. If anyone can tell me why I was keeping this stuff, they’ll win the grand prize for the week.*

*The grand prize for this week is a box full of junk that hasn’t been used for eight years.

Googlefight for Governor

Tonight I tuned in to watch the debate between the candidates for Wisconsin Governor on TV. Either the debate wasn’t all that exciting or I was pretty tired from a hard day’s work. I saw the first two questions, responses and rebuttals, and the next thing I remember was waking up 15 minutes after the debate was over. So, I turn to Google Fight for enlightenment. Enter Scott McCallum versus Jim Doyle and Doyle wins by over 200,000 Google entries. It’s official — I’m voting for Doyle. (It’s okay, I wasn’t going to vote for a conservative Republican no matter how many Google entries he had).

Condo news: My loan has been approved! In just another 24 days I will be thirty years in debt. Now, who wants to come over and help me pack?