Monthly Archives: November 2002

Dark skies at night

The cold, crisp air and the dusting of snow on the ground really made it feel like winter to me today. One thing I like about winter — the night skies are a lot more clear which makes stargazing a little easier. I’ve noticed the sky is a little darker outside my condo compared to where I used to live (I’m a little farther away from the city lights of Milwaukee). Last night when I got home about 9pm I looked up and saw the the Pleiades star cluster. That’s a constellation I don’t ever remember being able to see from my home before.

Check out the International Dark-Sky Association to learn more about light pollution and keeping our night skies dark.

Visions of Leonids

Did you see the Leonid Meteor Shower last night? Since the peak was early this morning, I decided to set my alarm for 4:45am. After checking out the window that that sky was clear, I got dressed and headed outside. I spent about 15 minutes with my head turned skyward and saw a total of 18 meteorites. That’s pretty good when you consider the moon was almost full and I was watching the night sky in the middle of a metropolitan area. Imagine the visions of Leonids dancing before my eyes if I were out on a moonless night in the country.

Ouch! Hurry up and wait

Thanks to me rushing to get a home improvement project done and a little accident involving my left thumb and my drill, I had a fun filled trip to the emergency room last night. After my thumb was stitched up, I had spent a total of three and a half hours there. Weeeee! Needless to say, I probably won’t be doing any home improvement projects until I get this big purple bandage off of my thumb. Yes, I have a purple bandage. It’s actually quite fashionable and a better choice over the hot pink gauze they also had in the cabinet.

One week and lots of home improving

Yes, I am now thirty years in debt. It sure beats paying rent to the landlord though. I’ve been in my condo for almost a week now and I like it a lot. Now, if I could just get the guy that unpacks all the boxes to work a little faster it would be even better.

Anyone interested in buying stock I would advice investing in home improvement stores. Since I moved I’ve already visited three different home improvement stores five times and let me tell you, there seems to be a lot of home improving going on around here. Each time I go the parking lots are packed and the lines at the registers are long.