Monthly Archives: March 2003

Shades of grey

Like many others, my thoughts have been with the people in Iraq lately (with the innocent civilians and the soldiers that are there). During a lunchtime discussion at work one of my coworkers raised an excellent point. Why must most things that are said or reported on be cast in such absolutes? Issues are not all black and white. Just because someone is against the war, does not make them anti-American or against the troops. I might disagree with someone’s opinion on the war, but does that automatically mean their reasons are invalid?

A person who blatantly disregards someone’s ideas just because they don’t happen to share that opinion can tell me a lot more about them than what their opinions actually are. I only hope our leaders share this philosophy and can see the many shades of grey.

First bike ride of 2003

Yesterday I went on my first bike ride of 2003 (and it’s still officially winter here in Wisconsin). Temperatures this weekend were in the balmy mid-60’s which forced me to dust off my bike and head outside. I rode for about an hour yesterday and about an hour and a half today. I’m sure my leg muscles will be feeling it tomorrow — not to mention my bum.

As I was riding along the Milwaukee County Parks Oak Leaf Bike Trail I was thinking about how fortunate I was to live close to such a nice trail. I hear a lot of people complain about paying property taxes, but what about the benefits that come from tax revenue? I’m happy to pay my share in taxes if I also have access to a beautiful parks system and other things that enhance the quality of life in my community. That’s money well spent in this biker’s opinion.

Big Ten Champs!

Wow, what a basketball game! Last night the Wisconsin Badgers defeated Illinois and became champions of the Big Ten this year. With 0.4 seconds remaining, Devon Harris sank the second of two free throws (he missed the first) to give the Badgers a 1 point lead and the victory. After the game I had so much adrenaline in my system that getting to sleep last night was not an easy task.

For my money, there is nothing like college basketball. The intensity of the players, the passion and loyalty of the fans and just overall excitement is unmatched in any other sport. I was fortunate enough to see the Big Ten Champion Badgers play three games in Madison this year and each time was a blast. Just thinking about what it must have been like to be in the Kohl Center last night gives me goose bumps.

First sign of Spring

I saw one of the first signs of Spring today. I opened up my mailbox to see the L.L. Bean outdoor gear catalog waiting for me. Unfortunately it was accompanied by a big sign of winter — a snowstorm. Right now there’s about two inches on the ground and we’re supposed to get another four inches. I guess I won’t be camping anytime soon. At least looking at all that cool stuff and daydreaming about the outdoors will make the winter night seem a little warmer.