Monthly Archives: April 2003

Closing time dream

I had the “closing time dream” again last night.

I’m at work (in the library) and it’s closing time. So we lock all the doors, but somehow people are still able to come in. They keep walking through the locked doors in droves. We tell them that the library is closed and they have to leave but they don’t. Of course since all the library patrons keep coming in, that means I am unable to go home (and getting a bit irritated about the whole situation).

Around 14 years ago I had earned my masters degree and was searching for a job in the library field for several months. I was working in a retail store at the time and every so often I would have a dream similar to the one above. It was closing time. They doors of the store were locked. I wanted to leave, but customers kept coming in.

About a year ago I started having the same dream every couple of months or so. The only difference is, it takes place in the library. When I thought about the dream today an important question that I had not considered before, popped into my head. Why don’t I just leave?

Bloy Designs, Couch Commander

Couch Commander screenshot

I’ve got a pretty good excuse why I haven’t posted anything here in a while. I’ve been busy working on a couple of web sites, which were just unveiled over the past few days. The first,, is a site I set up to showcase my web design work. I created the other site,, for a stand up comedian I know.

In other news, today is Earth Day. Remember Mother Earth as you go about your life. Please do everything you can to keep her healthy and beautiful.

Update: February 9, 2007
As of today, the domain no longer exists.
Information about my web development work can be found on my resume.

The Last Broadcast

Last December I listed what I considered the best albums of 2002, but I definately missed one. I recently discovered a delicious CD that was released last year: The Last Broadcast by The Doves.

The album starts with guitars ringing like a carillon of bells and follows with the band’s beautiful harmonies. Song after song the music continues to sweep you off your feet with haunting melodies, soulful rhythms and musical textures that have almost an epic quality reminiscent of U2 or Radiohead. After listening to The Last Broadcast, the musical soundscapes will hang around in your head making you want to play it over immediately.

An excellent CD and one which will help you get your mind off of any nasty April snow storms you might be experiencing (like I did here in Wisconsin today).