Monthly Archives: January 2004

A winter hike

I’ve come to realize that being outside in nature is very important for me and my psyche. This fact really becomes apparent to me in the middle of winter (when I’m not outside as much as I am in warmer weather).

Thanks to a nice blanket of snow that fell over the past few days, I was able to strap on my snowshoes today and hike around the nature center and adjacent park near my house. I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the winter conditions. There were people cross country skiing, sledding, snow boarding and tobogganing. You might wonder how a person can enjoy the beauty of nature around you with all those people around? That’s the great thing about having snowshoes.

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The Moon / Mars plan

I’ve been conflicted about President Bush’s proposal for establishing a base on the moon and a manned mission to Mars. My first reaction is I feel space exploration is something we should be doing. We humans can learn a lot from exploring the universe around us. The more we learn, the better off we will be. Just think of all the technological innovations we use everyday, which evolved from the work NASA did in the 1960s. I also feel that someday humans will be living on other worlds and in space. Perhaps that’s the best insurance for the disastrous asteroid strike that scientists say will inevitably occur on our planet.

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Go Badgers!

In the dead of winter there can be times when you need something to get your heart pumping and lift your spirits. Yesterday, I was at the Kohl Center to see the Wisconsin Badgers defeat Michigan State, 77 to 64. When your team is playing well, the band is playing the old college fight song and an energetic crowd is screaming (like we were yesterday) it really gets your adrenaline going. Just thinking about it gets my heart beating a little faster. Over the past several decades the Spartans have dominated Wisconsin. Consequently, it was real sweet to watch the Badgers beat Michigan State for the third straight time in two years.

After the game, Dad and I were cheering Wisconsin on as the team left the floor. When Devon Harris approached (one of the best players in the country) we both reached over the rail and he jumped up and gave us high fives. That was sweet too. Great game Devon and Go Badgers!