Monthly Archives: February 2004

The Reverend returns

The other day I picked up an album that should have been included on my best music of 2003 list. Last year, Al Green reunited with his producer from his soul records of the 70’s to release a new CD. Consequently, I Can’t Stop sounds like a lost album from that time period (when some might say his music was at its zenith). Every song on the CD screams 70’s soul with the same beautiful voice Al had 30 years ago. My favorite tracks (so far) are the danceable “Million To One” and the bluesy, “My Problem Is You” where he demonstrates his masterful ability to use his voice to convey emotion. A most welcome comeback for the Reverend Al Green.

Musical risks

Buying an album just on the basis of a few reviews can be risky, especially when you’ve never heard any of the artist’s music before. I’ve definitely been burned in the past by doing this. Today taking that risk paid off for me when I put Talkie Walkie, the new release by the French duo, Air, into my CD player. Air’s blend of voices, electronic sounds, synths and guitars creates lush, psychedelic soundscapes which can be melancholic and playful at the same time. Perfect music to let you zone out and relax in the middle of the winter. Next time I listen to it, I’m getting out the headphones.