Monthly Archives: May 2004

Lives In The Balance

I was driving to work today listening to my latest CD purchase, The Very Best of Jackson Browne, when the song “Lives In The Balance” came on. Jackson Browne was inspired to write that song by the political events of the Iran-Contra scandal in the mid 1980’s. As I listened to the lyrics I was struck by how a song written 18 years ago was so appropriate for today. In particular, the final verse is especially relevant for 2004.

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Get the grump out

Wouldn’t the world be a whole lot better if people just wouldn’t be grumpy? That might be asking a lot for some, so how about just one day? Surely you can be pleasant for one day. Okay, you’re thinking, I can try (and don’t call me Shirley).

That’s the premise of the third annual Great American Grump Out next Wednesday. For 24 hours on May 26, people are urged to abstain from being grumpy or crabby. Can YOU meet the challenge?

A day at the reference desk

This post is inspired by the weblog, Ref Grunt. I couldn’t agree more with the librarian from that site when he writes: “Some days I love working the reference desk, some days I hate it and it’s often the same day.”

In the Morning

“My computer froze.” I’ll reboot it for you sir.
Information on the Coral Castle in Florida.
“How do I download to a floppy disk?”
“A window popped up that said I won a prize.” I think that’s an ad. If I were you I would not give them your email address.

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