Monthly Archives: April 2004

Thank you Bob Edwards

Almost everyday of my adult life, a clock radio has awakened me with the sounds of National Public Radio. One of my favorite parts of the day is spent lying in bed for a little while, listening to the best news and commentary in the media today. After 25 years, today was Bob Edwards last day as host of NPR’s Morning Edition. Listening to Bob’s authoritative and comforting style every morning was like hearing your father tell you about the events of the day. I also enjoyed the way in which he injected his wry sense of humor into Morning Edition — a unique and welcome trait that other hosts and news anchors often do not share.

Thank you for waking me up and filling me in, Bob. Good luck with the next phase of your career.

Who do you trust?

A recent visit to a new auto mechanic (for an expensive repair) got me thinking about trust. How do you decide to trust someone? Once you get to know a person that decision does get easier, but what about the people you’re unfamiliar with, or those you are unable to get to know? There are a lot of people in our lives we must trust, even though we have very limited information about them. Having to decide if the car mechanic is trying to rip you off, if your doctor is the best qualified to treat you or if a certain politician is the best leader can be very difficult.

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