Monthly Archives: October 2004

The Library of Congress

Looking back, the thing I enjoyed the most during my trip to Washington D.C. (other than hanging out with my father) was the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. And my being a librarian didn’t have anything to do with that. While we were waiting for the library to open, I was thinking we probably wouldn’t be there longer than an hour. We ended up staying for most of the morning and into the lunch hour!

Interior of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building

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And they say the government wastes money…

It’s election time here in the United States — time for the endless barrage of political commercials that saturate the television airwaves. Is this any way to inform the public on where our potential leaders stand on the issues? The election campaigns seem to depend more on marketing experts than policy experts. Instead of hearing about the real issues, we get mudslinging.

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