Good day sunshine

What a pleasure it was to see the sun shining in Madison after about a week or so of cloudy, overcast (and sometimes snowy) weather. It’s during this time of the year when I can understand how people can become depressed and suffer from things like seasonal affective disorder. During these months (late February, early March) I always feel like my batteries are in serious need of recharging. On days like today I genuinely get an emotional lift from the sun shine.

One of the things I like about where I’m now working, is how close the college campus is to the “great outdoors.” There is good sized wooded area right behind the library there, which also has a nice view of Lake Wingra.

With the sun shining today (and very little wind blowing) I decided to spend part of my lunch break on a short walk along that wooded area. Taking just that short walk with the sun on my shoulders and the birds singing in my ears did quite a bit for me today.

Come on Spring. I’m ready for you.