A new catalog for Edgewood

This week, my latest web creation was launched: a new design of Edgewood College Library’s catalog.

Edgewood Catalog screenshot

Visually, I designed the new catalog to have an appearance that compliments the look of the library’s web site (with a similar header and footer on each page). Marketing types would probably use the word “branding” here somewhere. Some new features have also been unveiled along with the catalog’s new look.

As far as what’s going on “under the hood” of the new catalog, this project was probably the most challenging assignment for me in my web career so far. Challenging for a couple of reasons. First, the design had to wrap around the library’s catalog software, which is produced by Innovative Interfaces. That involved learning all of the options, setup files, and quirks of their software. Second, as one who strives to use web standards while developing for the web, Innovative’s use of non-standards code was a bit frustrating. To those of you not familiar with web standards, having non-compliant code can cause browsers to display your pages in unexpected ways. To their credit, the folks at Innovative do recognize the importance of web standards and are making improvements as new versions are released.

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  1. Congratulations! I don’t understand all the technical details, but the library site looks great. As a proud parent I say – “Job Well done!!”

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