Badgers run over Wildcats

I was one of the 81,704 people at Camp Randall Stadium today, watching the Wisconsin Badgers literally run over the Northwestern Wildcats, winning the game 41-9.

After running back P.J. Hill scored a 60-yard touchdown run on the second play from scrimmage, I thought we might be witnessing the start of a big blowout. But the score at halftime was actually fairly close (17-9), because of a three Wisconsin turnovers, and the solid play of Northwestern’s redshirt freshman quarterback, Andrew Brewer.

The second half was a different story. The Badger defense stepped it up, holding Northwestern scoreless, and allowing them only 83 yards of offense for the last two quarters. I was impressed with Brewer however, who started the game because the Wildcats’ regular quarterback was sidelined with an injury. Even though the tight Wisconsin defense held Brewer to 94 yards passing and 80 yards rushing, you could really see a lot of potential in him. He stayed cool as the pocket was collapsing around him, and quite often found open receivers or holes to run through (especially in the first half). Watch out for Brewer in the next couple of years — he could end up being very dangerous for opposing teams.

Wisconsin’s offense also played better in the second half, adding 24 more points before the game was over, and not turning the ball over once. By the end of the game, they piled up a whopping 307 rushing yards, with back P.J. Hill running 249 of those (a personal best for him). Hill is another redshirt freshman, who has the potential to be a big star here at Wisconsin in the next few years. The Badger’s quarterback, John Stocco, had a very solid game completing 16 of 21 passes for 220 yards, one touchdown, and only one interception.

With prefect autumn weather, and the way the game turned out, it was just an ideal day for football. Go Badgers!

2 comments on “Badgers run over Wildcats

  1. It was a nice day for a game, and speaking of perfect autumn weather, it looks like October is going to be amazing in general. The leaves are already a patchwork of colors, and the weather is cool enough to play a little touch football without getting too hot.

    Glad you enjoyed the game.

  2. Yes, great game. Glad you and the other “Bloy boys” could all go. A fun day. Did you see that UW made the list of the top 25 teams this week? Hope there isn’t a let down against Minnesota.

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