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Reasons why I blog

ArmlessBear tagged me with the top reasons why I blog meme. So, here they are.

  1. I am a web geek.

    Way back in the fall of 2000, I bought this domain name so I could have some web space to play around with. About a year after that I installed some blogging software because blogging was becoming popular and I wanted to try it out. Blogging and messing around with my domain has been fun for me. I cringe when I look back and read a few of my older posts, but I’m still having fun with it.

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Another one rides the bus

I took the bus to work today. Parking at the college is a BIG problem (too many cars for too few spots) and parking fees are going up in the fall. While the cost increase still makes parking there very reasonable compared to what the downtown lots charge, I decided I should start commuting by bus this fall. With gas prices currently going up and up, I thought, what am I waiting for?

So I hopped on the bus this morning. The choice is really a no-brainer. I can get a free bus pass from work, I save gas money, parking fees, and wear and tear on my vehicle. It’s also the right thing to do for the planet. If I want to be as much of an environmentalist as I think I am, it’s probably about time I did that.

Tragically Hip plays Madison

When the band Tragically Hip plays in their native land of Canada, they are so popular they have to play in arena-sized venues. Here in Madison, they cannot fill a small venue like the Barrymore Theatre. At last night’s show, the theater looked to be about half full to me. More’s the pity. I’ve seen Tragically Hip several times, and from my experience, I believe the band would play their hearts out whether they were in front of 20,000 or 10. They certainly did last night.

The Hip (as their fans call them) opened last night’s concert with the first track from their latest, and very strong release, World Container. “Yer Not The Ocean,” an ode to Lake Ontario, very much in the style of The Who, was a perfect way to begin the show.

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Daydreaming of a move

Yesterday I finished painting the upstairs bedrooms in my place. I had plans to do that over the winter, and here it is May already. But, late last week I got some serious motivation when I drove past a house for sale about a mile from work. The price was very reasonable, and that got me daydreaming of living within walking or biking distance of work. How great would that be?

Of course you can’t buy a new house until your current home is sold, so I headed off to the home center for some paint. Next on the to-do list, get two of the windows fixed, do some serious cleaning, and contact my real estate agent.

Advocating independent causes

Here are a couple of causes worthy of support (in my humble opinion).

At the request of the Recording Industry Association of America, the Copyright Royalty Board has increased the royalty payments internet radio stations must pay. That increase makes royalty payments drastically higher for the internet radio industry than those paid by traditional broadcasters. Even more absurd, royalty payments would be owed retroactively, for music that was played as far back as January of 2006 (which is kind of like the petroleum companies telling me I owe them money for the gas bought last year, because the price is higher this year).

When it comes to broadcast radio, I listen only to public radio, and the occasional sports broadcast. If I want to listen to music, I turn to internet radio such as Radio Paradise. Take a look at their playlist. You won’t hear a quarter of those songs on any commercial station.

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