Monthly Archives: June 2007

Brewers and Giants slam it out

A day off for me, and a last minute idea sent Dad and I to Miller Park yesterday afternoon, where the Brewers beat the San Francisco Giants, 7 to 5. It was a fun game. Some of the highlights included:

  • Bill Hall’s grand slam home run for the Brewers in the first inning. He ended the game with a career high of five runs batted in.
  • After thinking the game would be a cake walk for Milwaukee, we got a little nervous when the Giants hit their own grand slam home run in the sixth inning.
  • Barry Bonds being booed by the fans when he was put in as a pinch hitter (his only at-bat, he hit a double on a error by Rickie Weeks). I was disappointed he didn’t stay in the game, so we could heckle him some more.
  • A great play at home plate by pitcher Brian Shouse (and apparently a Brewer fan) to prevent the Giants from tying the game.
  • Rickie Weeks making up for his error by hitting an RBI double.
  • A revolving door of 11 pitchers playing for both teams, including a save from Milwaukee’s hot reliever, Francisco “Coco” Cordero.
  • An attendance of over 35,000 people (we were very suprised at the size of the crowd).

Box Score: Brewers vs. Giants, June 20, 2007.